With our machinery we can provide solutions to the automotive sector and also to the construction and public works sector. Some of the jobs we can do are:


Below we show work on automotive parts.

En las fotos se muestran los trabajos siguientes:

  1. Machining of a new liner of a hydraulic piston
  2. Repair of bolt housings
  3. Machining of a new liner of a hydraulic piston
  4. Mounting the oil pump to the engine
  5. Preparation of one of our machines for the total mechanization of a motor block
  6. Mechanization of a new connecting rod for a classic car
  7. Engine block. Preparation for the alignment of the crankshaft bearing housings

Construction and public works

In the following images we show work carried out on construction machinery and public works.

  1. The photos show the following works:
  2. Repair and dynamic balancing of a transmission of three sections of 4 meters long
  3. To the milling machine on a quarter axis of a motor block
  4. Machined and lapped single piston liner
  5. Repair of the arm, connecting rods and bucket of a rotating machine
  6. Repair of the housings of the bolts of a bucket.


If you have any questions about the solutions we can provide to the automotive or public works machinery sector, do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.