We have three machines to balance parts of different dimensions and weight such as turbines, fans, rotating blades, rollers, cylinders, transmissions, crankshafts, electric motor armatures, etc.

With the smallest machine we can balance pieces with a minimum weight of 1 Kg. And the largest machine allows us to balance pieces with a maximum swing of 2000 mm. and with a length of 6000 mm.
Each balanced piece is delivered with the corresponding balance certificate.

Balancing machines:

In this image you can see the three balancing machines:

Depending on the weight or precision of the piece to balance, we use one machine or another.


Next, in this series of photos, we show some of the types of balancing we do.

The photos show the following works:

  1. Set of three turbines with the same shaft
  2. Single bracket turbine
  3. Roller weighing 4000 kg
  4. Repair of a pump impeller
  5. Repair, balancing and painting of a generator turbine
  6. Two cylinders of different sizes
  7. Large turbine with two supports
  8. Belt drive roller

In the video you can see a part of the balancing process of a large part.


If you have any questions about the dynamic balancing jobs that we can offer you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.