We can provide solutions to very different industrial sectors, within the metallurgical industry. Here is a sample of the types of companies that we work with most regularly, but adapt to new options if necessary.

  • We repair or build ink rollers, drawing rollers, blades etc.
  • We build treated and ground gear sets.
  • We repair, verify and adjust all machine parts, without disassembling or reassembling the parts.

For the automotive sector we can make different types of solutions:

  • Plan and adjust the height of the shirts, verify the alignment of the bench seats of the industrial machinery blocks, trucks, public works machines with a maximum size of 6 meters in length.
  • Dynamic balancing of crankshafts and clutch flywheels.
  • Repair or construction of cardan transmissions. We can lengthen or shorten, change the crosses, the tube, bars or slides and balance dynamically.
  • Build or repair splined transmission shafts, pinions, bolts, whether they are tempered steel parts or treated and ground parts.
  • Repair cast iron, aluminum or steel housings. We weld and machine them. We weld aluminum factors and any parts that can be repaired.
  • Rectification of dams and brake and clutch drums.
  • Classic Vehicles: construction and repair of parts, machining of blocks and cylinder heads.
  • Specific design, verification or machining work of any part that requires CNC machinery since with our three-dimensional machine we can take very precise measurements of any part.
  • Brushcutter rotors. Repair of bearing housings, straightening and dynamic balancing.
  • Repair and adjustment of the differentials housings of tractors or trucks, both of the tilting central axle and the housings of the bearings or bushings of the wheels.
  • We build and repair blades and blade holders.
  • We repair and balance the rotors.

We have large milling machines and lathes in which the housings of the arms of rotating machines, quick couplers, buckets, connecting rods and forks can be machined.
We also have portable machinery for on-site repairs of the friction zones of the pins and bushings for cases that cannot be moved to our facilities.
In addition, we can do other types of work such as:

  • Manufacture of bolts and bushings
  • Construction and balancing of turbines of all kinds.
  • Repair of mills, crushers and transport of the material.
  • Mill rotors. Fill the wear areas with special welding and balance them dynamically or just balance them.
  • Construct the shafts, pinions, transmissions and other parts such as eccentric shafts, bearing supports and screen covers.
  • The crushers. Repair the eccentric shafts, the covers or make them new, the housings of the bearings of the swingarm of the jaws and adjust the whole assembly.
  • Repair of parts for excavators, asphalting, loaders, cranes, compactors, graders, etc.
  • Hydraulic piston repair

Francis turbines and mixed flow reaction.

  • We dynamically balance shaft mounted turbines
  • We build covers and other pieces.

Pelton, cross flow action, Kaplan and axial type reaction turbines.

  • We repair and mechanically adjust the blades and machine the piston housings.
  • We make the new shafts, seize the connecting rods and repair the rest of the parts from the turbine assembly to the generator.

We paint the repaired parts with a special paint.

We repair stretching rollers, die cutters, printing rollers, and small rollers.

  • We build and rectify the cutting blades and supports
  • We build and repair gluers
  • Gears, shafts and other parts.

For the cellulose packaging industry:

  • We weld and mechanize parts for new machinery (prototypes)

We weld and mechanize different pieces for the construction of machinery for the extrusion of aluminum.
We manufacture liners, container holders, guide columns, bronze skids, guides and many other pieces.

We repair or build all kinds of parts for meat processing machines.

  • Stuffers. Rotor parts, the reducer or elevator of carts or baskets
  • Mincers – Worm screws, cut-off filters or cutting discs and other mechanical parts of the machines
  • Mills. Blades restoration, shafts or other components that have suffered mill wear
  • Cutters. Repair of worn areas such as drive shafts, brackets, bearing housings, dynamic balancing of blades and other parts
  • Slicers and packers of meat, sausages, cheeses and other processed products:
  • Construction of molds for packaging products and cutting edges. Repair of the rollers of the weighing belts or any other mechanical part
  • Repair of vane vacuum pumps, stator inner diameter and rotor adjustment.
  • Repair of reducers and other transmission parts of any machine.

Given that there are several pharmaceutical companies in the area, for many years we have been repairing machinery for the handling, packaging and packaging of their products.
We offer the service of design, mechanization, repair, adjustment or dynamic balancing of any part or set of parts.
When they can’t wait for the original spare part of a machine part to arrive, we can build it.

All kinds of mechanical parts for different sections:

  • Construction of wear parts
  • Rehabilitation of bearing supports of the hubs
  • Mechanization of the wheels for cutting with the axles.
  • Construction of pneumatic distribution blocks for doors.
  • Construction of pins and bushings for different parts of the wagons.

In the area there are many plastic injection industries and we can offer you some services for your machinery:

  • Construction of all types of nozzles
  • Head and Sleeve Repair
  • Repair of machine columns.
  • Construction of base plates of the molds.
  • Modification of the material feeding areas.
  • Construction of parts for the automation of the handling of injected parts.
  • Repair of other types of parts.

We are the official supplier of a very prestigious brand of computer equipment.
We mechanize parts or sets of parts for the development of prototypes for 3D printers.

For the textile machinery industry, we can offer different types of works

  • Mechanization and balancing of all types of parts.
  • Manufacture and repair of benches, rollers and infeed supports, shafts, blades and many other parts.
  • Dynamic balancing of cylinders and card boots.
  • Machining and balancing of crushing and material transport turbines.
  • Construction and balancing of all types of blades.
  • For recycling machinery, we machine all kinds of parts: benches, guides, etc.
  • For treatment plants we build, repair and balance the impellers of the pumps or any type of part.
  • We build all kinds of parts for the repair of machines.
  • We repair the roller heads and dynamically balance them.

For this sector we can do different types of work:

  • Construction of wear parts
  • Restoration of hub bearing supports
  • Mechanization of the wheels for cutting with the axles
  • Construction of pneumatic distribution blocks for doors.
  • Construction of pins and bushings for different parts of the wagons.